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Hello and welcome to our website, our message to Funeral directors in the Philadelphia area is that Eastern Casket is wholesale to the trade only, and we do not require a purchase contract or a commitment agreement to do business. We offer quality products made in the United States and Canada. We encourage you to review our online catalog, you may like some of the manufactured goods we sell or our rental casket line. Take a chance and try our products and let us wow you. Remember we always take pride in our quality and service.

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Eastern Casket is a well established Funeral Supply business founded in 1972. We are located in North Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Enjoy your visit at our website. Here you can learn  about the variety of products we offer.

We are proud to feature Simplicity +, our own patented metal rental casket. To learn more about it, visit the Simplicity + section of the site.

Contact us for an appointment to visit our display room which features 28 different casket styles. Or ask your Funeral Director if they can bring you to our showroom. If you see something you like,  Our staff will be happy to answer your casket questions.

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