Eastern Crematory Established 2016

Eastern Crematory, located in North Philadelphia, was Established in June 2016.
Laurie Fash is the President, Harry J. Fash, III. Is the Vice President, and Harry Fash ,Jr. is the Secretary.

We formed this business to expand our current funeral supply and distribution business to now offer Cremation services to Funeral Directors in the Philadelphia area. We do not offer a pickup service, but the cremains will be delivered back to the Funeral Home the next business day by Eastern Crematory. During business hours someone is always on site to receive cremations and monitor the retort. Our staff is certified and we are members of the Cremation Association of North America. Our employees are knowledgeable with crematory operations and we provide safe cremation practices that demonstrate the utmost respect and care for the customers of all funeral homes.

We have installed Cremation retort a climate controlled storage refrigeration unit. Our area is clean and presentable and we will allow up to four family member to witness the start of the cremation process if they so choose. Please note that an appointment must be made.

Our Hours of operation for drop off are
9:30 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday

Standard Cremation up to 300 pounds
Oversize Cremation 301 to 400 pounds 400 pounds is the maximum weight we can cremate
We cannot accept any type of Caskets only cardboard cremation containers
Cardboard cremation container is supplied
Pace Maker must be removed by the director
Documents needed upon drop off
A: Eastern Crematory Authorization to cremate form other forms are also accepted.
B: Disposition/Transit Permit form
C: Coroner # when applicable
D: Payment can be made by check or credit card

Cremation authorization form Link-PDF

01 Eastern Crematory Logo

02 Laurie Fash President

03 Harry J. Fash III Vice...

04 Harry Fash,Jr. Secretary...

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06 Our Crematory

07 Our Crematory Retort

08 Our Refrigeration Unit

10 Cremation Containers

11 Cremation Urns

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