Rentals,Child & Oversize & Urns

Eastern Casket is proud to offer high quality products. We carry a large variety of wood and metal caskets.

 We also offer for rent to the Funeral Home of your choice in the Philadelphia area only our own patented Simplicty+ Metal Rental caskets and Wood rental caskets. Rentals are for three days only.

Eastern Casket offers a great variety of funeral accessories, including : dresses, fitalls, engraved nameplates, crosses and crucifixes, cotton, dacron, register books, funeral stickers, casket and body air trays.  We also offer custom items* including pine cases, embroidered head panels and vinyl lid applications. 
And so much more... Download our Products Catalogue or browse this section of the site to learn more about our products.
( *Note that some custom items require 24hours notice. )

A 1 Blue Metal Rental

A 2 Copper Metal Rental

A 3 White Metal Rental

A 4 Silver Metal Rental

A 5 Wood Rental Walnut...

A 6 Wood Rental Dark Oak...

A 7 Wood Rental Cherry...

A Wood Rental 8

B 1 Child Babi-Rest

B 2 Child Cloth Casket

B 3 Child Metal Casket

B 4 Child Cherokee ...

B 5 Oversize Empire







Silver Gray



Urn Inscription 2

Urn Inscription 3

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